November 28, 2007

Fuel to Burn, Roads to Drive

I'm cranky about recycling (or apparent lack thereof) during my recent trade show visit to Chicago.

Why the heck doesn't McCormick Place set out container recycling bins (since the beverage du jour was mostly soda and bottled water)? Similarly, where are the paper recycling bins? Since the show itself generated daily, disposable publications, and many of the attendees brought morning papers, one might imagine that recycling paper, aluminum, glass, and plastic would have cut the landfill volume drastically.....

And similarly, I wonder if the newspapers dropped off outside my room, and mostly unread, got recycled? Or the Chicago arts weekly I picked up? Or the water bottles?

Maybe there is recycling going on, but it was not evident anywhere. I'm planning on firing off a letter to the McCormick Place (copy to the city and the RSNA) about it as well as to the hotel (Marriott) with a copy to the chicago hotel association and the RSNA, noting the lack of recycling and suggesting they get onboard.

My guilt for having been a party to the whole extravagant and wasteful shebang, I guess......

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