November 26, 2007

Not Blogging

Apologies for that. I'm in Chicago, doing booth duty at the annual RSNA show / meeting. My days so far:

1) Waking up at 4:30 a.m. (my usual East Coast time of 5:30)

2)Got some practice in this morning in the poolside fitness area which means deep breathing of hotel chlorinated air and doing asana's to cheesy 80's workout music, while medical imaging sales guys are doing loud ab crunches nearby.

3) A bus ride over to McCormick Place

4) A day full of various forms of schmoozing, networking, booth standing, booth sitting

5) A high priced and not very healthy lunch

6) More sitting, standing, walking, schmoozing.

7) A bus ride back to the hoteal

8) Email purging and net surfing and blogging to unwind

9) Client dinners at various restaurants wherein too many calories are comsumed and more alcohol than usual (two drinks, which is two more than usual)

10) Try to go to sleep and repeat 1-9 the next day.

Two days down, one to go, I head back on Wednesday. Huzzah! I'll be back with regularly scheduled blogging as soon as I can......

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