November 20, 2007


That's what my work life has been like the past few days. I am cleaning out a storage closet. Which involves sorting through things, tossing some, consolidating others, making decisions about bringing things to the office, bringing things to the house, bringing things to the dump, or perhaps trying to salvage things via ebay, freecycle, or craigslist.

Two large plastic shelves came from the storage area to the office - which required a bit of shuffling - clearing out spaces for the shelves, reorganizing boxes, assembling the shelves, filling the shelves, and moving around the boxes and things into floorspace opened up by the recently shelved items. I take some pride in the fact that I completely dissembled my computer gack: a cable modem, router, USB hub, network drive, three printers, and two computers - and it all went back together quickly and without significant hassle. I might run out to fetch a stack of velcro cable wraps to clean up the cable mini mess.

It does have a Tetris feel to it - or maybe Freecell - a limited amount of space, blocklike boxes, cases, and pieces of equipment, and a puzzle-like sequence - must clear out space A to assemble shelf B upon which to place items C, D, E, and F, clearing out space G to which items H, I, and J (heretofore sitting in Space A) now must go.

I still have (counting) 10 cardboard record boxes filled with paper that I suspect I do not need, so there will be some sorting and tossing going on. And perhaps one carload full of storage room stuff to sort through. But things are happening.....

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