November 06, 2007

Way too efficient....

The City of Cleveland traffic authority, that is.

Apparently, in August, I was going a bit too fast (47 in a 35 zone) through an intersection (Chester Avenue eastbound @ East 71st Street) equipped with photo surveillance. Not only do they get red light violations, they also clock speed via the pavement sensors. So....I got a $100 ticket in the mail.

Since I was driving a rental car (er....a minivan, that's all they had at the airport, and isn't that embarrassing) they tagged the rental car company which sent them my name. So I still get the ticket.

On the other hand, since they automate the ticketing process, they also automate the payment process (via the web). You can even go online to see the photos.

But still....kind of sterile and cold, no? I mean, how much better to have the cop pull you over, feel the rush of adrenaline, attempt to be submissive and compliant enough to sweet talk a warning.....

I found a press release about this dated August 17, 2007 - and since I was ticketed on August 14, it must be a fairly new program.

I'm pretty blase about speeding tickets - I speed often enough and without getting bagged that when do get pulled over, I figure its just my time; karma coming due. But this Deus Ex Machina thing - I'll have to think about it. Normally, when I get pulled over by a cop, it slows me down for a while - but here, its been business as usual since August, and the incident seems distant enough to have become depersonalized (I actually went back into my files to confirm I was in Cleveland on that date; I do recall ending up with a minivan that trip) - so now what do I do?

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