November 10, 2007

Weekend Looming

Saturday morning, and my weekend is refreshingly unplanned. I'm so used to having a plan, a list of commitments, a schedule with the down times squeezed out, that a weekend without a lot to do seems both luxurious and unsettling. I will try to resist the urge to fill up the next 48 hours with commitments. There is a yoga workshop this weekend that I resisted (did not seem to be that resonant with my practice, and I wanted to keep the weekend clear to nurse ZIppy if need be) and the weather remains uncooperative for ballooning.

I do have some things penciled in. Yoga this morning - I have not been to Peg's Power II class in a while and I'm looking forward to it - good to have had a day off yesterday to recharge. Lot's of vinyasa, nearly aerobic, and lot's of precision. A few weeks ago I started doing Upward Facing Dog with my knees elevated, and it was Peg kicking some ass and saying "if you are doing upward dog, knees off the mat, if your knee's are down, you do cobra, and none of this in between stuff" and a light went off in my head. So know I have three backbend postures (cobra, low cobra, and upward dog) and they are each discrete and deliberate.

Later today, MYA and I are gonna do a support space thing; we do not get there too often between her weekend work schedule and my busy life. Nice to spend some time with her that is not "mom, drive me somewhere"

Tomorrow, we might get some ballooning in, although no specific flight plans. And in the afternoon, perhaps a social visit to Confettis in Plainville for drinks and munchies. BB, K2, and I volunteered to plan the annual balloon club winter dinner in January (because the dinner has been getting a bit stale over the years). So we need to check the place out, commit, and start planning.

Oh, and leaves out there. Zippy is in no shape to rake for the rest of the season, so I will step up. He's done most of the work so far, so it's my turn.

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