November 06, 2007

Yoga Update

Hey, what's up on the mat? You may ask, and I may tell?

I've had a good run of yoga practice - C subbed in for Friday morning and Sunday morning, don't let her gentle affect fool you, she leads a pretty strong practice. Anyone who tossed in a dolphin 5 minutes into practice has my attention. In between, 3 hours with B, getting my Hips, Pelvis, adn SHoulders worked over. After that, I felt a little like Stretch Armstrong or Reed Richards or better still, Slinky Dog. My arms and legs were slid, my middle all wiggly and loose.

Monday, I eschewed the Monday night power class for a Yin Yoga class - in many ways more challenging to me, but also restorative. And this morning, Carissa's hot class (refreshingly full due to her "free hot yoga" week) with the added bonus of a few friendly faces. I felt really happy for Carissa as I worked through the practice - she's such a good and accessible teacher and I hope this week is a good investment for her in terms of building a following.

So yeah, five solid days on the mat. That's probably it for me until Friday - tomorrow I am ferrying Zippy up north to the docs, and Thursday MYA and I have a (hopefully final) date in Manchester.....

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