March 22, 2008

Feels Like Spring

Yesterday's wind and bluster has given way to a bit of warmth to go with the sun - coming out of yoga today it actually felt like winter might be giving up the ghost. We'll have another few days of snow and chill, I am sure, but I for one have officially declared it to be SPRING.

As I pulled into the driveway, a pair of small brown birds - finches I imagine rose into the branches of a bush. I sat in the car and watched them for a few seconds, twittering at each other, and I suppose, at me. I've already caught sight of robins, and soon will come the other flying fauna.

I spent some hours yesterday at the studio, mostly answering calls (are you open this weekend?) and setting up sign-in sheets for a couple of upcoming workshops (Tias Little in the fall, Jonathon Bowra in April). The doors were rattling and banging all day, at one point a window screeen blew off and took out a stone candle. Lots of drama - giving way to today's calm.

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