March 14, 2008

Running on Empty

I've been in a pretty low energy place of late - as if I were running on batteries and trying to conserve resources. Part of that is financial; February's traveling has drained my funds and credit significantly, these will not be replensished until the checks start to come in. And a large client simultaneously slowed down (from 30-40 hours per month to 15-20) and also stopped paying the smaller checks without a lot of hassle and hand-holding. Very frustrating. Right now I have been assured that the checks that were due Feb 1 and Mar 1 are being processed - but only because I had to keep pestering them. Because without that, they'd still be in the twilight zone.

Things should be getting better there soon - I have two large checks pending from my reliable client in San Diego, my corporate client boasted that they had the money upfront for the recent gig in Carlsbad, and a bunch of others that should be dripping in. But it's been a thin time; one of those times we self-employment sorts remember as "the time I almost gave up and got a real job"

I also think the change of seasons, change of time zones (spending time on the west coast), changing the clocks, and the cumulative travel has drained my energy. I slept in every day this week; today is the first day I was up at my normal time. Zippy commented last night that he has been stuck with the dogs every morning (with me traveling and then sleeping in) and he has a fair complaint.

Heading to the True Colors conference this morning - MYA is down in East Haven with her BF - so Zippy and I are fetching his mentee in West Hartford and then heading down to East Haven, en route to UConn Storrs. Lot of driving.....gonna be a long day. I am somewhat torn - I am gonna pack my laptop for the conference and may just find a quite spot yto get some work done. It will be nice to see people, but none of the workshops is really all that exciting, and I am behind on a few things - would be nice to close out the day caught up with one particular backlog that lends itself to remote work.

Time to feed the dogs, have some breakfast, and jump in the shower. Long day ahead.....

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