March 22, 2008

Stop Sending Me Catalogs

The Zipster and I get loads of catalogs. We kvetch often about them, every so often a vendor will get so annoying (sending multiple catalogs to slightly different names at the same address, etc.) that we take the time to call. But mostly we don't, and just add the paper to teh recycling bin. Now we can do something about that. is a website wehre you can opt-out of many common catalogs.

Mad props to Kerri over at Real Hartford for the link. A recent post of hers also inspired me to drop by The Green Vibration (aka Alchemy) this afternoon for a Chai Latte instead of an unappreciative Dunkin Donuts.

Also, I confess that I lifted her Peep Show easter card to send to people who insist on sending me cutesy easter greetings.

Maybe I can hire her to keep my blog updated :) - she seems to be more motivated than I am lately.....

1 comment:

kerri said...

:) This totally made my day.

Alchemy is expensive, but whenever I eat there, I actually feel healthy. (versus DD, where I feel warm, jittery, and happy, but not healthy)

Happy Peep Day!