March 07, 2008

Stuff White People Like

I dunno, because I am feeling ornery today. Funny. True. Here.

Lot's of stuff does not fit (for example, teh whole vegan / whole foods / organic stuff - I might aspire to it but its not me). But there is also a lot of stuff approp to my life:
#83 Bad Memories of High School - Hey catholic school, class brain, feh
#77 Musical Comedy - Roches, Nancy Tucker, Christine Lavin, et al
#74 Oscar Parties - I missed it this year
#64 Recycling - Yeah, we're pretty neurotic about it
#55 Apologies - I even apolgized for this blog post once, kind of !
#53 Dogs - We have two, down from 3, and have owned 5 in total since we've been together
#44 Public Radio - I'm a junkie
#43 Plays - Hartford Stage, Theaterworks, I am even on a few out of town mailing lists, I went when I was out of town for work
#42 Sushi - Yum!
#39 Netflix - Hooked
#36 Breakfast Places - Mo's Mid-town, Quaker Diner, Spot Eatery, not to mention all the places we go after ballooning
#28 Not Having a TV - well, we have a TV. But basic ass cable so we can kvetch about it
#25 David Sedaris - More public radio / This American Life addiction
#21 Writer’s Workshops - I've been to a few, as well as community college classes
#15 Yoga - yeah, well. Guilty.
#1 Coffee - Used to be, and I still drink way too much decaf.....

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kerri said...

I'm not big on apologies and I've never used Netflix, but other than that, the shoe seems to fit.