March 20, 2008

Upcoming Stuff

Not sure which (if any) of the following activities I'll be engaging in, but thinking that I *might* show up at some or all of these at least provides the illusion of a social life.

Thursday: Creative Cocktail Hour at Real Art Ways. Music by Catherine Russell (no relation), and preview of the Real Party art (which looks great, based on last night's quick glance). Always a good time. Nuff said.

Friday: Rutter's Requiem at the First Church of Christ, 250 Main Street
Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109 (7 p.m.) - orchestrated by David Spicer. Infomation here. I've always loved this piece.....

Saturday: Aztec Two-Step and Mad Agnes at the East Hartford Community Cultural Center. 7:30 pm. Info here.

1 comment:

Terrence McCarthy said...

Aztec 2 Step. Jeez, does that bring back memories. Was also listening to a lot of Jorma K. ( Sans Hot Tuna ) & Poco. Isn't Aztec from around here? BTW, new laptop working fine.