March 06, 2008

West Hartford Yoga on the tube

West Hartford Yoga's Community Yoga is featured on a Better Connecticut (WFSB) feature. My friends Alison and Shankara are featured.

In which Scott Haney spills Alison's age, but says she "looks amazing". And yeah, she does. But then again, she *is* amazing!


Biggly said...

If I cared about this one iota, I'd make them issue a retraction about my age ... I look amazing for 54, because I'M NOT 54!!

What-ev. Can't look a compliment in the mouth ... ;O

(nice headstand timelapse photos!)

Terrence McCarthy said...

One of the things I miss about living in Connecticut is Scott Haney. Next time you see him could you convince him to apply for a job at Providence's Channel 12?