April 05, 2008

Day #2

Only one practice today, 2.5 hours long. I was running on fumes from yesterday's marathon, so I continued to lay low: cobras instead of up dogs, down dogs instead of chaturanga. A few of the postures were held way too long for this tired body - some one legged planks with a leg crunched up, some forearm planks, and again with the head-to-ankle, held for what seemed like days.

Sadly, it's kind of triggering my type A yogi nature - where I am trying to tough it out, ignore my body to try to keep up. That's not good (I know, I know) so I am giving myself plenty of space to back off. It's so tricky to know when one is taking care of oneself, and when one is being lazy or backing off from sensation.

The best part of practice was having my mat set up next to a friend's; as she wore us down we each overheard the other grouching under our breaths, or sighing in exasperation, and on occasion just looked at each other and rolled our eyes or grinned.

I'm getting better acclimaterd to Seane's style - her running talk is less intrusive today. Maybe it works on a sort of subliminal on unconscious level, because I sure as heck am trying not to pay attention, just staying present in my practice is all I can manage.

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