April 17, 2008

I cannot let this story go.....

Today on Morning Edition, I heard another snippet about the pope's vestments that hits close to home. Doing some web snooping, I find this:
It's work that only a chosen few ever get to do, and a Connecticut company is at the forefront. Baker Liturgical Art, LLC designed the vestments and the sacred vessels featured in the upcoming visit of Pope Benedict XVI.

Baker Liturgical Art (formerly, Baker Brothers Religious Goods) has been a Southington CT mainstay for years. The Baker homestead was for years adjacent to St. Thomas Church where I met my former spouse, where we played together in the folk group, where we got married.

My balloon guy, Robert, ended up in Southington because he was in a small plane crash and broke his leg, and ended up recovering on one of the Baker boy's couch over the summer. The Baker family (good Irish Catholics) threw one hell of a summer party every year, with a real band and lots of food and alcohol. They come flying with us every so often.

Who knew? Good for them!

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