April 02, 2008

My Kid Sister

Talked to my sister Kathy today. Her birthday was yesterday; I was a day late in calling to wish her well. S'ok, her life is busy. Plus, she missed mine by a day or two.....

She's back on the stage, with her daughter / my niece, in minor roles in the play Annie, put on by the Clinton (MA) Community Theater. The play is next weekend. I'm bummed I can't go; it's a Yoga Teacher Training weekend - so I'm chained to the yoga studio for 20+ hours and can't break free.

It's not the first time my sister has been in the spotlight. She spent much of her youth with a baton in her hands, or walking down the street on her hands in various holiday parades - I spent many night with my parents in the recital audience, or parked on a curb waiting for her dance troupe to come down the street. Later, she graduated to cheerleader, and to musical theater geek. I remember seeing her in Little Mary Sunshine in high school, and Pippin in college. As an adult, she fronted a top-40 / wedding band named Calliope. She was (and continues to be) pretty amazing.

She's been doing the mom thing for a while - but her kids are getting older: Joe is driving, Sara is old enough to be in the adult cast. Her youngest is still a freckle-faced kid - but his life too revolves around baseball and soccer; soon he'll be in high school and reaching escape velocity. She'll be dealing with an empty nest before too long.

So it's good to see her back on the stage. Perhaps it will be videotaped - my nephew Joe fancies himself a videographer and editor, maybe I can get him to Youtube it. If not, I am sure she'll do another. She's too talented and has too much fun in the spotlight to stay out of it for long. And based on my niece's apparent aptitude for music and performance, the apple has not fallen far from the tree!

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