April 27, 2008

The Organizational (Wo)Man

Along with sundry engineering geekery involving scopes, adapters, cables, and connectors, I spent some time yesterday with the more mundane aspects of a business trip.

I printed out a folder of my travel paperwork: plane reservations, hotel, rental car, maps from the airport to the hotel and the hotel to the site in case Agatha (my GPS) goes down.

I put together 10 copies of my training material for a morning class on grounding slated for tomorrow morning. It's a pretty standard session that I've done for multiple clients, but I tweaked it a little (updated some code references, deleted a few slides that were not applicable to this industry). Printed out handouts, along with a copy of a 2005 paper on leakage and ground current measurement, and GBC bound those. I love my GBC binding machine! Printed out some labels, and we are official!

I also assembled a trainers binder for me to work from. Made sure all my presentations and client folders are on my laptop, and switched over from the sleek "local" laptop case to the big travel one.

This morning, a bit of hot yoga, then packed my suitcase (a biggish one, providing ample room for a yoga mat, all my training material, and 3 days worth of clothes) and my computer bag (3 recent issues of the New Yorker, and 3 books on the teacher training list). Just finishing up this post, waiting for my nails to dry, and I'll be off! But first, to the bank and to pick up test equipment batteries en route to BDL.


Anonymous said...

I have a GBC binding machine, too. I think it's great!

Jude said...

This is totally blog comment spam. Yet I am tickled to be spammed!