April 02, 2008

Rest in Peace, Gordo.....

Gordon Wallace Sousa Sr. passed away this past weekend at the age of 85. Obituary here.

He and his wife Marilyn have been our friends for many years. We're loosely connected - Zippy's sister works at the Lupus Foundation; Gordon and Marilyn were founding partners of the Connecticut Lupus Foundation. So when Zippy moved to CT, they got acquainted. They have come to our annual Gemini party; we see them a few times a year socially.

Over the winter, Zippy and I went over to their house - Gordon insisted we come to see his photographs. They were quite lovely - he had a good eye and took much delight in the technical aspects of photography (shutter speed, focus, aperture) as well as the composition - and he shared his passion for the art as he explained why he was drawn to particular shots, and how he captured the image.

Reading his obituary - his life seems so very full: a decorated soldier in WW II, a husband, father, and grandfather, working for the IRS and the State of CT, starting his own company, and a full life of volunteer and charitable work and hobbies after he retired.

I am honored to have crossed paths with him; and I grieve for his family and especially for Marilyn. They have been married 61 years.

You've earned a peaceful and blessed sleep, friend.

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