April 18, 2008

R.I.P. Danny Federici


Terrance's comment prompts me to write a bit more. Danny Federici was there from the start - before Nils, before Max, before Roy, before Steve. Those two first albums, with David Sancious, Vinnie Carter - a strange assemblage for those of us who first met the Boss in the Born to Run / Darkness era.

Springsteen was my first concert - sophomore year in high school, driving into Boston with a carload of friends, must have bene the Darkness tour. I seem to recall us scraping the front bumper on the big parking garage near the Boston Gardens. Horrible place to see a show. Sounded like crap. We were on the floor, but way back.

Two keyboard players. Danny stage right, Roy stage left. Roy was always flashier - the booming chords of Backstreets, the delicate opening bit to Jungleland (that I can still bang out). Danny always seemed quieter, a little less accessible. I'm glad I got to see him, one last time, when Bruce opened up his latest tour in Hartford.

Kind of stings a little more than the usual celebrity death. Always, the E Street Band was there when Bruce came calling. Not anymore....like the Who after Keith Moon died; there will always be an asterix from here on....

I think I'll go listen to The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle - for old times sake....


Terrence McCarthy said...

I was at a Springsteen concert in the Hartford Civic Center back in the mid 80s. Danny Federici was up there on that stage. I walked out of there later that night. Stunned. Astonished. Bruce and his band. These guys were so alive.


Springsteen yells, every now and then, " Is there anybody ALIVE out there? "

Hard to believe Danny won't be answering that question. Long live Danny Federici. Long live rock and roll. R.I.P indeed.

Jennifer WC said...

hey you! Wassup?
I was in a self-imposed news/computer blackout on Sanibel all week. Groovin' with dolphins and osprey instead.
How did the silent thing go? Email if you prefer.