April 04, 2008

So whose bright idea was it.....

....to sign up for TWO classes today. I'm home from Part I (1 - 4 pm) and pretty much wiped. My yoga mats are a hot mess. My yoga clothes peeled off me; I could not have been wetter had I been tossed into a lake.

And I haev to go back for another go round - 6:00 - 8:30. And then tomorrow and Sunday as well.

Doing a 12 hour workshop is part of the teacher training, but sheesh. My only hope is that the reset of the detox flow, aimed at a wider range of students, is gonna be slightly easier and less energetic.


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jwc said...

i just finished the march challenge at my studio...6 days out of seven, 90 minutes a day.
It was so hard, and so good. I'm wiped out, but want more.