April 24, 2008

Catching Up

Been a weird week. Lot's of random work projects - cleaning up from taxes, setting up some new projects, some ongoing work, some long range planning, and some office time down at the studio. Can't say that it's been a hyper productive week, but I've gotten some things done.

My cell phone disappeared this week. I turned off the ringer the other day when I was teaching, and now it's MIA. With the ringer off, my usual trick of calling the phone won't work. I'm pretty sure it's around somewhere, but I looked everywhere twice and gave up this morning. So I have a new phone (nothing fancy) except this one has Bluetooth. And a camera which might make for some bloggish goodness, if I can figure out how to use it and export photos. So I have become a member of the cell phone Borg....

I'm off to Tulsa (adding OK to my list of states visited this calendar year) on Sunday - two days with a newish client, then back home on Wednesday.

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