April 02, 2008

You Heard Wrong

Yesterday morning, in yoga, I parked my mat in the back corner of the room. I had been to Barb's class the evening before and a hot class that morning was a bit of a stretch, so best to stay on the outskirts.

Of course, when Nykki asked if anyone had any injuries, I knew it was was April 1, so I pointed to my belly and mouthed "pregnant". Then I said (aloud) "I'm recovering from Barb's class".

Somehow Nykki put me pointing to my stomach and mentioning Barb to mean "We need to do more abs" - so she made us get blocks and we did some ab work, because "Jude wants to do abs"

Ouch! Actually, abs are never a bad thing and her abs were not killers. But I think I'm just gonna keep my mouth shut in the future!

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