May 13, 2008

Bike Me

Tweaking my bike a bit, in preparation for more biking this year (starting tomorrow). I doubt I will venture far past my immediate environs, but if I can save a few trips to work, to the yoga studio, and to the post office - well, that's something.

I went out and bought a bike rack to put things on (especially, my yoga mat). Also, I raised the seat a tad, and adjusted the front derailleur (I have been unable to shift into the top 7 gears for a while now)

A quick run down to Dunkin Donuts to pick up a couple of pounds of decaf, tested both the bike rack and the gears. Think I'll ride to work and yoga tomorrow.....should be a nice day out.


kerri said...

I'm trying to get a basket for my bike. Where did you find yours? Was it easy to hook on? Gas is $4.05!!! I'm going to try to bike everywhere in-town.

Jude said...

I got a rack, not a basket. Think it was at Dick's in Plainville. There's an Amazon link here:

jen wc said...

My kids would love o bike to school; I'd love to bike to the library, yoga, etc. but we fear for our lives with the speeding traffic here in Glastonbury.
Last month I was in Sanibel and biked everywhere on wide, safe paths. When are our towns going to get serious about promoting biking? It takes more than putting up a "share the road" sign.

Terrence said...

Hilton Head's another place that's bike friendly. Wide paths all over the island.

We're in the market for some saddle bags so we can do more shopping via bikes. Dick's might be the place.

Just got back from western Mass. Gas there is still in the $3.75 range. CT's prices are exploding. Average, as I saw it, was about $3.98 for reg. Average here in RI: about $3.80.

kerri said...

d'oh! I meant rack. I always call things by the wrong names because I think of rack as the thing you park a bike in. No wonder the people at the bike shop look at me like I'm a freak.