May 10, 2008

Blogger ex machina

Been sort of out of commission, both myself and my laptop.

My own physical rollercoaster has evened out a bit - going from extremely sour stomache on Wed morning, to crawl into bed on Wed afternoon and evening, to an incredible stiff and sore back on Thursday morning. By Thursday afternoon, things had loosened up eugh to venture onto the yoga mat that evening (remarkably, my almost debilitating stiffness was completely gone less than 12 hours later). Thursday night and Friday it felt like my body was shedding toxins by the gallon (I'll leave the details vague). Now I feel pretty good.

Similarly, my new laptop has been just crawling along - slowing down inexorably. Was not sure why. I dug into Windows Defender to look at what was loading on start-up, an disabled a bunch of apps that were either no longer installed or probably not needed. That did not fix things. So last night before bedtime I fired it up in Safe Mode, set it to to a disk scan and repair, and rebooted it before bedtime.

This morning, it's back to good health as well.

So hopefully, both I and my computer will do a better job of blogging in the coming days.

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