May 04, 2008

Busy Weekend

Not a very typical one, however.

Saturday, up to Northampton for Pride, with MYA and a friend. Long day - caught up with lots of old friends. Ate festival food (Thai) and hid away in a little cafe drinking a Latte (a real caffienated one, a rarity for the decaffienated me). Took MYA and her friend out for Asian Buffet afterwards......

Sunday morning, I skipped my usual morning yoga to go down to Cheshire with Zippy to walk in the MS Society walk-athon, with the Joslin Hi Steppers. MS was a special cause for the Petit family, so the Cheshire walkathon was a big event. Kind of cold and raw, but no rain.

This afternoon, a 5 hour whole food cooking class at an incredibly beautiful condo in West Hartford. And the food was fabulous (I do not use fabulous lightly). I am energized to do some good cooking; there was a mock tuna salad (using tempeh) that was wonderful, as well as quinoa tabouli, arame, and chickpea salad. All wonderful.

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Staci / Lana said...

I saw you on the Channel 8 news last night doing the MS walk. It was brief, but I definitely saw you.