May 31, 2008

Chanting Stoned

No drugs were consumed. After a particularly deep yoga practice, we refer to ourselves as "yoga stoned" - tonight, the kirtan was particularly vibrant and high energy - the audience was present and connected, the ensemble clicked. So we were "chanting stoned" afterwards. I was, anyways.....

The right side of the ensemble: Jude, Shankara, Atticus (guest musician), and Tom

A group shot during a percussion chant; yes that is a drum in my hands (they only let me play once in a while).....from left, Virginia, Mare, Craig, Atticus, Jude, Shankara.

Shankara and Me

Me and My Guitar

See all tonight's photos on Flickr, here. Thanks Sharon for being the photographer!

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fyregoddess said...

Oh, Jude... that picture of you and Shankara is absolutely gorgeous. You should really have that mounted or framed.