May 06, 2008

Cinco de Maya

Rule #47: Never go to a Mexican restaurant on Cinco de Maya

My balloon buds called up and wanted to go out. I pushed yoga up to 4:30 and headed down to Southington - tentatively to Agave. But Agave was a total zoo (96.5 WTIC-FM remote), and El Sombrero down the road was just as bad (but with a row of harleys parked in front) - we finally settled for Puerto Vallerta which was also a zoo. Plus had a hip-hop DJ in lieu of mariachis. Ugh.

The only positives - somehow we ended up with a free round of drinks, and my food (vegetarian enchilada, with lots of yummy spinach) was pretty good.

Also, note to self. Balloon buddies are notoriously time f*cked. I called BB at 5:50 as I was clearing the yoga studio, he said "how about 6:15?" I hustled and got down to Southington around 6:25 - he was still at home waiting for K2, and by the the time they got to El Sombrero, it was 7:05. I had time to stop at the Music Shop (for picks and string lubricant, kirtan is coming up) and Ocean State Job Lot (keeping an eye out for a yoga mat sale to stock up on training supplies) and also to call another friend.

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