May 01, 2008

Customer Service and the Little Things

One of my clients pays for clicks via Google and Yahoo. Not too pricey, really, although Google has gotten pretty obnoxious, with the price per click rising rapidly. I need to reassess the cost-effectiveness of our program there.....

However, I pulled the monthly site stats and figured out that we had 10+ referrals from a number of local hotels, B&B's, and campground. Free clicks! So I checked our listing page of restaurants and lodging, added seven listings and links, and then emailed the email contacts at these sites to say "Thanks!" and let them know we've added a link for them. Several have emailed back with profuse thanks and enthusiasm for my client's destination.

Common courtesy, yeah. But also an example of taking care of the details. I think a lot of folks drop the ball on that sort of thing now and then.

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sandyshoes said...

We visit your client annually! I'm just today making our reservations. We settle in at the Best Western in Mystic Friday night, do the Aquarium on Saturday, then the steam train Sunday and head home from there. It's a nice weekend; we always go in early June before school's out and things get really crowded.