May 22, 2008

Getting a Reputation

I popped in to the studio this afternoon; and in the course of chit-chat, mentioned "I'm wiped". A and K looked at each other and cheered. They cheered! Apparently, I've been the subject of some discussion, they've seen most of the teacher training folks (staff and students) drained by the weekend training, while I hit the mat every morning this week. So there has been some speculation about my stamina (the source thereof, and the unnaturalness of same).

For the record, I think moving my body (as un-classically-yoga-ish as it is) through pretty much daily practice builds a certain amount of resilience. I'm a workhorse, not a thoroughbred. I think I was wiped out by multiple backbend practices - Sunday with Barbara, Wednesday with Marcia, and today with Nykki. Only so much heart-opening one can take.

Also, that Sean Corne Detox Flow workshop a few weeks back remains fresh in my memory. Like tempering steel in a furnace; I've been heated, melted, broken, and reformed, and as a result, the usual hot / power yoga is not coming close to my melting point anymore.


jc said...

Good for you!
I, on the other hand, had to actually pack up and leave the BYG studio mid-practice on Weds. I was nauseous and dizzy and the mere thought of the upcoming camel pose was too much to bear. Just in a funk this week. I took a day off yesterday and am heading back now with some trepidation.

jwc said...

Well, I got there and I stayed there and it was a practice. So that's good.

Does your practice reflect your mood, stress, etc? Or is it more or less a stable thing?