May 06, 2008

Holistic Health Counseling

Corrina is member of the family: she's in the yoga teacher training class as well as an accomplished teacher at the studio. Also, a pretty wonderful person, in general. Just found her website this morning:


jwc said...

Thanks for the link. I just signed up to get her newsletters.

jwc said...

I got her newsletter a little while ago, in which she talks about CSA farms. Coincidentally, I just sent in my check for a S. Glastonbury CSA today.

It's wonderful.
I pay a fee up front, and then show up with bags every Tuesday late afternoon from July 1 thru end of October and take home my share of the week's bounty. Some weeks you end up with mega doses of tomatoes or chard, but it gets you to cook/eat creatively with what is fresh and local THAT week. At this farm, there are organic chickens running around looking happy as can be, so healthful eggs and chicken are available too.