May 29, 2008

The Infamous Penguin Joke

It's a hot day in July, and a penguin is driving down the highway, when his car starts running rough. Fortunately, he spots a small garage with some service bays on the road, and pulls in. He walks into the garage to find a turtle underneath a car, changing the oil.

The turtle rolls out from under the car, and the penguin explains the problem. "I'll look at it as soon as I finish up this oil change", the turtle says. "In the meantime, there's a really good ice cream shop across the way, why not go have something to eat and when you come back I'll have an idea what's wrong with your car"

So the penguin goes across the street, and orders a vanilla ice cream cone. And the turtle was right - the ice cream is delicious - handmade, light and sweet, lots of real vanilla. The penguin has a hard time holding the cone - being a penguin, he has flippers instead of hands - but he does the best he can wedging the cone between his flippers and licking the ice cream. But with the summer heat melting the ice cream as fast as he can eat it, he makes a mess of things, with ice cream all over his beak, his flippers, and his feathers.

Finally, he finishes his ice cream cone and wanders back across the street to find the turtle emerging from under his car. The turtle looks up and says "Looks like you blew a seal"

"Oh, no" says the penguin "That's just vanilla ice cream"

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Terrence said...

That's hilarious!