May 30, 2008

Intensely Cool and Infinitely Scary

It is completely cool that the satellite photos on Microsoft's Virtual Earth are of such high quality that we can see:

Zippy's truck in the driveway, Julio's red mustang (to our right), and George's collapsed tarp / shelter (to our left)

And in this photo, Zippy's truck and car on the street and my old red saturn in the drive.

On the other hand, it's invasiveness and big brother aspects are hard to ignore. Pretty much, when the government wants to send the cruise missiles to take us out, I'm pretty sure they will know when we are home. Hopefully I'll be in the basement doing laundry and might stand a chance.

1 comment:

Noam Chomsky said...

I tried that virtual earth thing. Nowhere near the clarity hovering over our house. I'd be a little concerned if I were you. " They " can probably read the text of whatever left wing book you're reading.