May 27, 2008

Keeping Busy

The weekend was supposed to be a quiet one; instead I ended up with a full schedule including a hot-air balloon flight and dinner with friends, a long and early day working down at the Wesleyan commencement, and a day of yoga, a cookout, and kirtan practice. Needless to say, very little in terms of household chores (inside de-cluttering, outside raking, garden prepping, and roof and gutter cleaning) got accomplished.

This week looms busy as well. Besides work (which I will fit in to every slack moment), and yoga (which I make time for every day) I have:

Today: Electrolysis, and perhaps a jaunt over to Bristol to spend some time with MYA.

Tomorrow: Assisting Shankara's intro class.

Thurday: Counseling, and teaching my first intro class at the office.

Friday: Work at the studio, setup for kirtan, and then then kirtan.

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