May 01, 2008

May Day

Is it May already? Who can imagine....

While my friend Helen reminds us of the labor and solidarity aspects of May 1st, and others will hearken to more pagan rituals such as the May Pole, I cannot help but think of my Catholic childhood. May was Mary's month, and in grade school we'd haul out to the playground for a crowning of the BVM, with appropriate songs - "O Mary we crown thee with blossoms today, Queen of the Angels and Queen of the May....." Later, in high school, Sr. Denisita would feature prominantly in at least one school mass - supplanting the oh-so-hip contemporary folk musicans to wheeze out some old Mary chestnuts on the organ.

Regardless of one's political or religious affiliations, May is certainly a month of growth - when bright greens begin to burst through the empty branches. Speaking to my friend Kim last night, she commented that its spring, so she is starting to emerge from hibernating. But really, it's been spring in my life for a while now - my birthday in March is when I start thinking seriously about warmer weather - pushing the season with sandals and brighter colors. We've been regularly walking the critters for a while now, and working in the yard.

Happy May everyone. May you find love. Or new growth. Or some bright, clear breaths.

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Marie Louise said...

Happy May Day to you! I too have been in the spring mode since March - starting seedlings in my home in Feb. and itching to get out in the yard. My birthday is this month when I officially start thinking it is summer!