May 06, 2008

North by Northwest

I confess to never having seen this film in it's entirety, just snippets on television and clips. Rectified this evening, AC was headed to Cinestudio to see it on the big screen and I tagged along.

Quite classis in every sense - from the plot (reasonable straightforward) to the classic scenes (Mt. Rushmore, the various train stations and airports, the cornfield and the crop-duster). I've been to a bunch of the locations which was kind of cool.

Odd to see so much travel done on a cash basis, and where *did* Mr. Thornhill get all that money, even without paying for the train and plane, he was handing out tips left and right.

And of course, the closing scene was a classic double entendre.

As I said to AC en route home "It had everything. Trains going east. Trains going west. Pullmans. Dining Cars. Train stations. Conductors. Porters. Red Caps."

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Staci / Lana said...

N by NW is one of my favorite films of all time! It is my favorite Hitch film for sure and in my all-time top ten, maybe even top five.