May 31, 2008

Pipe Dreams

I am filled with imaginations of things I'd love to own, places I'd love to visit, jobs I'd like to hold, businesses I'd like to start. Drives Zippy crazy at times; he has no truck for foolish thinking.

Some of my little conceits:
* Own a small RV (which I will pick up for a song on Craigslist) to take up to the folk festival
* Buy a small motorcycle (I own a scooter)
* Own a small catering truck and sell interesitng and healthy food at festivals
* Own a hot dog stand
* Turn the (recently demolished) Piper Brook Restaurant into a gay bar / restaurant

* Turn one of the empty store fronts near my favorite whole donut into a (healthy) sandwich shop
* Buy an old, small manufacturing building - live in the back, have a small office, and turn the main factory area into a yoga studio / performance space / arts space. There is a particular building in Bristol (presently occupied) that I'm always looking at.

I've also got a yen to go to Ireland (not so far-fetched, my balloon friends go pretty much every year), the Galapagos Islands, and maybe Alaska (I think I have an old friend who lives in Ketchikan)

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