May 20, 2008

Prince Caspian

Zippy and I took a rare sojourn out to the multiplex to see The Chronicles of Narnia / Prince Caspian. Pretty good.

I somehow talked Zippy into the movies this evening - he's a hard sell to go see movies in the theater (usually too loud, usually too many previews, usually too many talking / texting teens, usually has to go to the bathroom in the middle) but it was a quiet Tuesday night show.....

We both loved it. I can see how some of the characters had a bit of Shrek influence, but it was muted enough not to be offensive. Must be the recovering catholic / nascent yogi in me but I was crying when Aslan showed up. Zippy gave it thumbs up, and he is usually pretty critical of books that he's read and loved adapted into film. Don't even get him started on Harry Potter.

And afterwards, I was crying a bit too - because the Narnia stories seem so beautiful, and well, my parents never really were aware of the classics. Zippy was spoon-fed that stuff all his life, his mom is a voracious reader and well educated, and both his father and step-father were college professors. My father once quipped that they could have steered me any way they wanted by leaving books around, because all I did was read as a kid. But they never really left the classics around.....I stumbled into things like dinosaurs and science fiction; and National Geographic. But there is a world of childhood / adolescent literature that I never knew was out there.

Ah well, never too old to have a second childhood - I can always play a little catch-up, reading wise. And Zippy has a formidable collection of classic books that I can borrow.


asha said...

Hey there I am going for the movie too.
I have heard a lot of reviews about it.
Prince Caspian is surely the biggest movies this summer!!

jwc said...

I went on my usual semi-annual trip to my town's used book sale on Saturday and came home, as usual, with treasures.
One book I've never read: Little Women.
Can't wait to open it.