May 15, 2008

Private to Bikram Choudray

Dude. You need a bit of brand standardization.

I'm doing a little project for the yoga studio, digging up contact information for all the local yoga providers for a mailing list. And every freaking Bikram studio out there has it's own highly unique website: different logo, different look and feel, different vibe. For a yoga practice that prides itself on standardization (26 postures in a specific series, no more, no less), your brand is all over the map!

If these were simply yoga studios in the Bikram school, well, that's one thing. But they put Bikram in the studio ame - so like Subway, McDonald's, Jazzercise, Nike - there is a certain amount of brand awareness.

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Jen wc said...

I'll speak for my guy BC. The standardization is in the postures AND the dialogue. 90 minute script,same words every day. The only fluctuation is one instructor's inflection, etc.
I'm so addicted right now; just today committed big bucks for this next year.
If I see you at raw tonight I will tell you (shhhhhh) who has been in my class for the past three weeks while in town...