May 01, 2008


Kim and I were noshing on indian food when this impeccably dressed woman bursts in and asks who has the "I'd Rather Be in Savasana" bumper sticker. It took me about one beat to realize who it was (I initially assumed some Bikram yogi who happened to be in the restaurant, or a WHY yogini that I failed to recognize in real people clothes; and Kim failed to ut two and two together for quite some time.

Blog reader and commentor J, en route to Hartford for the Forum, tracked us down (aided by subtle clues in this blog, i.e. - I mentioned what restaurant we would be at). Delightful to meet her, and a very fun surprise.

The food was quite good (although the waiter was a little over-eager to sell us up on things), and the This American Life satellite broadcast was outstanding, from the pre-show game of hangman to the closing clip of Mr. Tory Malatia.

A wonderful evening, all in all.


JenCooper said...

Loved stalking you two, and then loved the forum.

Never had time to ask what you'd ordered; it smelled delish.

Jude said...

I had the Baigan Bharta (Eggplant) and Kim had the Dum Biryani (chicken) - both were indeed delish. I also had the Chicken Shorba soup which was incredibly subtle and wonderful.

Actually, I let you know where we were gonna be via email and I'm tickled you took the time to find us and drop in. I kep repeating "Who has the I'd rather be in Savasana bumper sticker?" phrase all night and we laughed and laughed.

I suspect you were surrounded by a higher class of people; we were in a room full of public radio nerds (this includes ourselves).

Glad you had a good time at the Forum. As much as folks love to slam Hartford, stuff like that is pretty great.

Anonymous said...


Jude said...

Au contraire, my anonymous reader.

Nosh is an actual, in the dictionary word -

as opposed to gnosh, which can only be found in the Urban Dictionary -

I am afraid my limited anarchic tendencies do not extend into deconstruction of the english language......