May 20, 2008

Ten Things About Yourself.....

I've resisted for so long but.....

1. I was married by a bishop. I wonder if that made getting an annulment easier or harder.....

2. I was arrested for sign stealing the summer between HS and college and spent a night in jail. It was written up in the paper as Burger Prank Fails (we stole a fast food sign). If the cops had found the 1/2 dozen of so street signs in the storage hole of the station wagon, it probably would have been a felony.....also, as the only 18 year old in the bunch, if they had found the cooler of beer, I also would have been screwed.

3. I've been in 46 states (Idaho, Alaska, Nebraska, and Montana are the exceptions, although I've only been in the airport in Hawaii en route to Asia)

4. I've been to Asia 4 times (Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan)

5. I drove my last car (a Saturn) 253,000 miles. One engine, replaced the clutch twice.

6. I practice yoga strenuous enough to soak through my clothes pretty much every day. My need to do laundry is pretty much dictated by running out of yoga clothes.

7. I was an early acquirer, internet wise, so I own a pretty cool domain name

8. I grew up in south central PA, which seemed pretty backwards when I was in high school and college but is looking better as I get older

9. As a kid, I got lost on Long Island; took the wrong bus from the Sunrise Mall, and ended up walking a few miles to my uncle and aunt's place in Wantaugh - amazingly, I found my way home all by myself despite not knowing the area at all.

10. I worked at McDonald's throughout high school and into college, and I still check out the equipment whenever I go into random restaurants to see what has changed and what is still the same from way back then.

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