May 19, 2008

Weekend Redux

A quick summary of the teacher training weekend.

Three long and hard practices; Friday and Saturday were especially long; by Saturday, the smell of detox and dehydration was in the air. We were all pretty funky. My water bottle holds 28 oz and I went through nearly 2 full bottles on both days, during and immediately after practice. Yesterday, a bit of a respite in terms of arduousness, but when we starteout with cogniscenti knew what was coming: backbends. And despite the long hard workouts, I did get up into a wheel yesterday. Normally, wheel is an edge that I achieve when I am loose and warm but not too wiped.

I also got up into handstand by myself, which was pretty cool. Once I got up there, I did not want to come down, so I hung out upside down for a long while.....I'm also getting better at balancing off the wall in feathered peacock / forearm balance, holding the posture for several seconds before tipping earthward. And, when we got into inversions yesterday, and I opted for Shoulder Stand (because I got my headstand in before class) but then the segment went on for a while as the instructors did assists, so I grabbed a headstand and jacknife in the center of the room (usually, I set up near a wall just as a safety net)

I was kind of feeling deprived; they trainees order out to Alchemy most training days, and end up with delicious, healthy soups, salads, smoothies.....I've been a bit tight money wise, so brought my meals from home (pretty good, but its nice to have someone make your dinner). Next month, I'll order in something as a treat to myself.

We have one more teacher training weekend to go, plus a weekend anatomy workshop. The class is looking so much more confidant doing adjustments, giving adjustments, talking ourselves through questions and postures.

I'm so happy to have the opportunity to do this!

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jwc said...

It sounds wonderful; you should be proud.