June 18, 2008

$5 Yoga - By Someone You Know

West Hartford Yoga is having a summer special, offering $5 gentle yoga classes for the summer. See schedule here.

The $5 classes are:
* Tues (Carissa) / Thurs (Corrina) @ 7:30 am - Hot Yoga
* Mon (Sharon) / Wed (Sharon) / Fri (Jude) @ 12:15 - Gentle Yoga
* Mon (Donna) / Wed (Kristen) @ 4:30 pm - Gentle Yoga
* Sat (Staff) @ 11:00 am - Intro to Yoga

So if you have had a hankering to try yoga but the cost has been an issue, this might make if more accessible.

And yeah, that's not a typo. I'm teaching a regular class through the summer! Fridays @ 12:15 pm Gentle Yoga with Jude!

P.S. - I'm still working on it, but you can see my upcoming classes and yoga stuff at my new website judesyoga.com


Jane Willenbrink said...

Jude! Awesome. I hope someday I can make it to your gentle class!! This past week has been a challenging one...have only been doing my home practice. I miss WHY and everyone. I also checked out your website (kickass)...one of these days I'll get around to doing that as well :)
Thanks for reading my blog! I feel so...famous! haha...

Jennifer WC said...

wow! the website makes it all so very real. Best wishes--

Jude said...

Ah, the illusion of legitimacy bestowed by a website....

Still working on photos - I was remarkably photo-shy during teacher training photo sessions, so not a lot of action shots available; I'm scheduling an afternoon in the studio to get some photos....