June 20, 2008

Apricot's with the Loud Family

We took Zippy's dad out to dinner last night - Apricot's in Farmington.

It started off awkwardly - I got there about 7:40 (7:30 reservation) and asked at the waitstation for the Palter reservation for 5. "You are the first to arrive" I was told, so I opted to go sit in the bar. Which I did, until about 8, until Zippy showed up. They had been sitting upstairs, since 7 having never actually told the staff that THEY were the Palter reservation. And oh by the way, Zippy never looked at his phone (which I had called ehwn I arrived)


Anyway, once there, the food was DELICIOUS - I had a salad and scallops.

As for the Loud Family reference, well, that side of Zippy's family (his dad's side) has a communication style that is pretty much "whoever can talk the loudest holds the floor". In numbers, they can be headache inducing. Last night, brother Adam regaled us with a long (and often, riotous) tale of trying to bring a case of Shiner beer from Austin to his other brother in San Fran. Do not even want to think about the carbon footprint on that beer.....not to mention the billable hours that Adam put into this project.

It was a good story, but told at full volume, in great detail, in the normally sedate Apricot's filled with high school graduates and older couples on anniversary dinners....well, a bit over the top.

Anyone coming to the Gemini Party (2 pm until ???, Saturday the 21st, email me if you want the address, internet stalkers welcome) ca meet Zippy, and his dad and uncle, and sister and brother. Bring your earplugs.....

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