June 27, 2008


Right now, yoga is taking over my life.

Zippy would retort "Ha! Right now? How about for the last year?" - and he's kind of right. But this very moment, the past few weeks, it's been particularly acute.

There are night-time things I want or wanted to get to: Sunken Garden Poetry. Creative Cocktail Hour. The upcoming Hartford Cares rally. Hot Air Balloon chasing. Movie or TV nights with friends. All set aside, because I'm teaching.

I'm busy at work, with a nice backlog of projects, and plenty of places for growth. I'm keeping up with the incoming work but not getting ahead or catching up on things like cleaning, organizing, planning for the future.

And my own yoga practice has suffered - I missed on Wednesday; I just squeezed in a late class on Thursday; and today between work, body work, and teaching its not looking goog (although Margaret's 4:30 restorative class might be a treat, and I could always unwind a bit with Nykki at 6:00!)

Things will settle down, and settle in. Already my schedule is slowing; my Wed night assisting has ended as of this week. My Thursday night freebie class at the office has a few more weeks. This weekend I have absolutely nothing planned - free to chase a balloon, catch up on work, do some things around the house, take some electronics to be recycled (thanks, Julie!) or maybe do absolutely nothing. A nice break - after a weekend long anatomy class (3 weeks ago), a weekend long yoga teacher training (2 weeks ago), and the Gemini party and requisite cleaning, organizing, and visiting with family and friends (last week).

Of course, four weeks hence, I'll be camped out on a hillside in NY, at the Falcon Ridge Folk Fest. The coming weeks will be filled with preparation - camping supplies, foodstuffs, as well as loading up a spreadsheet with the performer merchandise.

No rest for the weary! This weekend, anyway, I'll pull back into Child's Pose and take care or myself. After that - more vinyasa!

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Jane Willenbrink said...

Isn't it a shame how we all get so busy in the summer when it's the time when all we want to do is kick our feet up (a wall)? It was good to see you in Corrina's class last night (even though you didn't see me--I was coming out of Barb's class...my god my thighs are sore today....). I'm hoping to make it to the studio this weekend and maybe I'll see you again!
love to you!