June 24, 2008

Cell Phone Madness

I left my cell phone at Webster Bank in Newington yesterday. Hit the ATM to deposit a check, was talking to mom as I walked up to the building, must have put the phone down on the little counter as I filled in the deposit envelope.

Someone from the bank found the phone, and went down the speed dial list making calls. They got my mom.

Mom got all confused (thinking Webster Bank was in Webster MA, and none of her kids live there) so she went down the list of kids making calls. Per my sister Kathy, Mom said:

"I tried Kevin, but he didn't answer, so it must not be his and Tommy never answers anyway, and I just talked to Jude so it's not her's....." as Kathy said - How's that make sense?

In fact, my brother Tom called the house to see if it was mine, and Zippy spoke with him and assured him I had my phone, since we spoke while I was en route to Unionville to teach yoga. But unbeknownt to Zippy, I was burning some OnStar phone minutes (I bought an intro rate block of 200 minutes for $20 when I got the car, and have never used 'em). I had already noticed the phone being missing (assumed I left it at work), and Zippy seemed like he had a hard day and needed to talk.

Ah well, all's well that end's well - I picked up my phone this morning. Kudos to Webster Bank for tracking me down. And the whole thing gave my mom something amusing and interesting to talk about for a few days: the mystery of the missing cell phone.

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