June 22, 2008

Djembe Fever

Kathy brought over two djembe (djembes?) last night, so as the Gemini Party wound down, she showed us how to play, and I banged out a little bit of rhythm. I play a little at Kirtan (certain "everyone pick up a drum" numbers) but I've never really spent much time at it. It was fun.

This afternoon, we went to see The Visitor (a really wonderful, quiet film) in which djembe playing was featured prominantly. Official site here

The film was lovely on a few levels - a college professor emerging from depression and repression, an essay on the struggles of immigants living in the cracks of the legal system, and a lovely postcard from New York City.

What was interesting, to me, was the film's use of african american actors for almost every official, governmental role (immigration officers, TSA officers, police, etc.) The contrast between the college professor (white), the immigrants ( Syrian and Senegalese) and the people behind the juggernaut of law enforcement and immigration was interesting.

Historically, each wave of immigrations lifted up the previous generations - the Irish were untouchables, before moving into service sector (police, fire), then into politics and the mainstream. On some level, the movie seemed to be observing how the recent anti-immigrant / post 9-11 sentiments are, in some ways, finally allowing the african-american population for whom the american dream has remained out of reach, to finally step onto the privilage escalator.

Good film....

The, dinner at the Corner Pug. Where Zippy and his family were predictably loud, and I ran into yoga friends, who I joined in the bathroom to escape the frenetic Palter family!

As I type this, the Palters continue the cacophanic discussion in the next room. I'm getting a headache, so I'm escaping to blogging and catching up on some website projects....

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