June 06, 2008

Gay and Lesbian Film Fest

Got to two nights worth of films this year; sadly neither the opening night nor likely the closing night (both of which feature a nice reception / social hour afterwards). Website here

On Sunday, I took MYA and her friend to see Manuela & Manuel - Puerto Rican film. A bit deceptive; the blurbs and photos seem to imply than Manuela is trans and full time, when really, she is a drag performer who spends most of her time as a somewhat flamboyant / swishy gay man. So it was more like a take on "La Cage Aux Folles" (gay man trying to play it straight for a wedding) than any sort of detransition saga that is hinted at in the synopsis. Ah well, it was a funny film, worth seeing. Just not what we expected. IMDB.

Last night, Zippy and I went to see XXY - an Argentinian film about a young intersexed woman (assigned) struggling to come to terms with her ambiguous gender and sexuality. (I use female pronouns since this is how she is gendered in the film) Sobering, beautifully made, wonderful actors. It dealt quite smartly with the issues of surgical intevention - in childhood (a side character speaks of having had surgery as a child), and in adulthood (a surgeon is visiting the family to speak to the girl and her father about taking care of things now that she is 15). And it also presents the chices - the side character mentioned above was raise female but transitioned to male when he turned 18; the protaganist Alex is presumably being encouraged to have surgery to remain female. IMDB.

Definitely a winner, in my book.

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