June 22, 2008

Gemini Party

Our 6th (or is it 7th) annual Gemini party came off without a hitch yesterday. A mixed crowd - a little light on some old familar friends, but with some new faces (folks I know from the yoga studio and from hartford) made for new energy. We had a good time; we have too much alcohol and soda left over, and we have way too much food.

I was buzzing all day, interrupt driven in the microproceesor parlance. Greeting guests, fetching drinks, arranging / cooking food, mixing and mingling. I barely ate all day - salads, desserts, etc. I grabbed between tasks. I cooked up a burger today for lunch because I missed them yesterday.

Today is a day of rest and relaxation; we're cleaning up slowly and in pieces. Snuck in an all levels class this morning (slept through my normal sunday morning 8:30 hot yoga) - and we may do a movie this afternoon (with zippy's family)

Getting ready for a full week. A bunch of work tasks, plus 5 (count 'em) yoga classes. Monday night subbing in Unionville (first time teaching there). Wednesday subbing into a gentle class at noon, and then assisting an intro class in the evening. Thursday my freebie office class. And Friday, my first 12:15 gentle class, that's my class for the summer!

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