June 09, 2008

In for the Long Haul

I got a letter from my automobile insurance company on Saturday. Not unusual; I get bills, periodic policy updates, new insurance cards, IRA stuff (I also have my IRA through them), and offers for other services. This was different, though. In the envelope were a pair of shiny silver stickers, emblazoned with the company logo and the words QUARTER CENTURY MEMBER. 25 years with the same company.

I did the math, and it makes sense. I took out my own policy around this time of year in 1983; I graduated college and was no longer elegible under my mom's policy so I had to get my own. And though this particular insurance company serves military and veterans (I am neither), my dad was and I was eligible to remain a member as a child of a vet. Kind of sobering to have hung around any one place (even if its an insurance company) for that long.

This weekend at yoga teacher training, we got sorted into two categories. The LIVER tribe were folks with stronger (less flexible) ligamenture. Typically people from warmer climes, people with more yang energy, people with a higher concentration of "fast twitch" muscle fibers.

On the other side of the room, the SPLEEN tribe (my people). People with a more flexible ligamenture. Typically from cooler climes, people with more yin energy, people with more slow twitch muscles. And of course, people all along the spectrum, with some that Ellen was unsure of or felt were in between.

Liver people make better sprinters, spleen people make better long distance runners. We were segregated to help us (as teachers) identify our students - some (livers) really need to work on flexibility, need heat to open up, but have plenty of strength and stability. Others (spleens) are plenty flexible, but need to focus on stability and structure in our practice. It was interesting because we did not sort out simply by body type (ectomorph / endomorph) - there were a range of body types on both sides of the room, although the spleens (more fascia marbled in the muscles) were a bit curvier in general.

Interesting. I never considered myself to be the naturally flexible sort, but I guess I am. And I'm definitely a long-distance runner, when it comes to life - I get on a path, I start taking small steps, and somewhere along the way, I get to my destination. But it's incremental and never all that dramatic.

Spleens and Livers. Marathoner and Sprinters. Takes all types....

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