June 02, 2008

Making the Kool-Aid

Discussing yoga at the studio, and how when speaking to newcomers and prospective yogis who are thinking of slotting in one practice a week, it's difficult for those of us who practice more regularly to recalibrate our thinking. I was on the phone with someone today, reviewing the class schedule. She was excited to find two appropriate classes (in terms of type of practice and time) - while I was feeling a bit of disappointment that we could not offer her more.

I was discussing this with my friend and studio co-worker Kristen, who is also a diehard. How sometimes we need to tone down our yoga obsessions and zeal when talking to newcomers, how not everyone is gonna turn into a daily practice yoga whack job.

Me: I guess I drank the kool aid.
Kristen: I think you're making the kool aid these days

She has a point....

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