June 14, 2008

Out with a Bang

I returned from yoga training last evening to find that Tim Russert has passed away. Not being much of a television junkie who gets most of her news from NPR, I perhaps have not watched too much of Mr. Russert's work. Yet I watch enough to know that he was a fixture, a force in the news media and political scene. He is being praised and mourned widely.

It is a reminder to us all of our mortality - no matter what our status in life, fame, celebrity, wealth, and power. And a warning to men in particular, who so often succumb to these sorts of sudden, fatal failures of the heart without a lot of warning.

Although I am not a huge fan of using celebrity deaths to promote a cause, there is an interesting piece on Mr. Russert's death and cardio-vascular health here

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Terrence said...

Oh how I envy you. I wish I could wean myself off cable news. I listen to a lot of NPR in the car ( Frank Rich was on " Whad'ya Know? " this a.m. Always a good listen )